Key transport hub

AUH welcomed over 21,3 M PAX in 2018

AUH is expected to reach over 30 M PAX by 2020, driven by the expansion of Etihad Airways, the national carrier. Connecting Abu Dhabi to 123 destinations in 64 countries, AUH stands at the crossroad of global air traffic as a major transit hub.



One of the best airports in the Middle East

AUH was voted Airport of the Year in the category “10-30 million passengers” in 2016 by Air Transport News; and won the Best Airport Staff in the Middle East in 2015, and Best Airport in the Middle East in 2014 at the Skytrax Awards


Airport ID

Traffic in 2018:
21,3 M PAX

+23% passenger growth since 2013


Passengers split by originating flights

2018 Top Destinations:

#1 India
#2 UK
#3 Saudi Arabia
#4 Australia
#5 USA

Some airlines companies at AUH




In 1982 AUH was established approximately 30 km east of Abu Dhabi City at a major national crossroads on the UAE road network and replaced Al Bateen airport as a new national airport.