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International frequent flyers enjoy airport advertising "The whole experience becomes enjoyable"

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3 Hours

The average time a traveler spends at hubs worldwide, often setting time aside especially for shopping.

Airport Council International (ACI), 2015

From C-Suite Executives to Tech Pioneers and Global Jet Setters, the airport audience contains a high concentration of key business decision-makers and influencers prepared to spend extra at the airport.

Airport advertising offers a unique chance to reach a valuable audience in a captive setting.
​Airport passengers are in an especially positive mindset and expect to experience exceptional brand communication.



of the time you have time on your hands… that’s a great opportunity to provide some interaction between the brand & the consumer"

Annie Rickard, President, Posterscope Worldwide - JCDecaux Airport Stories


believe airports are a good place for brand trials and sampling.

The special airport environment creates a uniquely positive consumer experience for travellers.
​When shopping at the airport they do not adhere to the same considerations such as need or price as they do in their day-to-day lives.


Airport advertising is considered to be part of the travel experience. It provides an opportunity for brands to entertain and engage with their audience at the moment when they openly welcome brand messaging.

Brands seen at the airport are considered to be international and prestigious, increasing brand perception and driving sales.

Airport advertising offers the choice and flexibility for the most appropriate message delivery. From interactive screens to sponsorships and experiential campaigns, brands can build true engagement and a deeper relationship with their audience.



million spent on perfumes at Dubai Airport in 2017. Highly active shoppers seeking for variety and deals.

Dubai Duty Free 2017

JCDecaux’s digital platform helps to drive more footfall to the retail stores due to its strategic positioning close to point of sale.


of passengers are tempted to purchase things at the airport, with 


admitting to making impulse purchases while waiting for their flight. They feel like they have money to spend and they want to spend it.

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