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Our mission

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JCDecaux Dubai & Northern Emirates have three areas of business: airport advertising, street furniture and billboard advertising. We are passionate about design, quality and great service, and pride ourselves on consistent innovation. We design, install and maintain a range of services developed for the benefit of cities, airports, its people, and those visiting. These services are financed by advertising sited in busy areas, offering brands maximum visibility. Our business model benefits all stakeholders – councils, landlords, advertisers and consumers – and is unique and sustainable. We constantly innovate for the benefit of all, ensuring that we adapt our products to society’s changing needs.

JCDecaux Dubai & Northern Emirates handles exclusive and long-term advertising contracts thanks to a highly skilled and devoted team of 80 people. For more than 15 years now, we are providing unique media solutions that are in-line with the key principles that made the success of the JCDecaux Group:

  • Exclusive advertising contracts
  • Long-term concessions
  • Media ownership

Armed with these key fundamentals, JCDecaux is able to design strong media plans and build relevant advertising formats at the right location, for the right audience, at the right time and to answer to brands’ communication objectives comprehensively. Our 3 clients:

  • Airports and cities authorities
  • Brands
  • Passengers and urban audience

Airports advertising

The gateway to the city

Dubai International 

Since 2008, JCD Dicon has been exclusively managing the advertising concession at Dubai International Airport, the world’s no.1 airport in terms of international passengers with a forecast of 88.2 million passengers in 2017 and up to 123 million passengers by 2020. 

Dubai World Central 
In 2013, JCDecaux extended its partnership with Dubai Airports by winning the 10-year exclusive advertising contract in Dubai World Central Airport. Dubai World Central is going through an expansion project that will be completed by end of 2017 and will have the capacity to handle 26 million passengers a year.



Street furniture

Providing information, service & entertainment to your audience

Street furniture combines advertising with public services for city residents and travellers.
Since the invention of advertising bus shelters in 1964, we have continuously improved and diversified our products. Our innovations are helping realise the vision of smart cities while providing the latest solutions to advertisers.

TECOM Business Parks
In-line with its commitment to creating smart, vibrant and sustainable business communities, TECOM Group has partnered with JCDecaux in 2016, to pioneer state-of-the-art digital advertising solutions and Mupis in 3 business parks: Dubai Media City, Dubai Internet City and Dubai Knowledge Park. 

Our digital media solutions speaks of JCDecaux’s ability to fulfil the needs of smart cities and brands through high value added, fully customized products and services. JCDecaux facilitates the delivery of smart advertising solutions in the right place, with the right message to the right people at the right time.

Jumeirah Beach Road 
In 2017, JCDecaux won the exclusive contract covering the installation, operation, upkeep and maintenance of 418 advertising lampposts strategically positioned along the famous Jumeirah Beach Road, as well as 50 fully-interactive e-Village®, an intelligent street furniture, situated in iconic locations around the city.

The advertising lampposts gives advertisers a platform for innovative campaigns targeted at a premium audience on one of Dubai’s busiest main streets. The 15 km route runs along the coast and provides access to beaches, residential areas, major hotels and the most popular restaurants and attractions.

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