Airport stories

JCDecaux Airport Stories is an international research project exploring the perceptions, expectations and desires of the traveler to provide detailed insights into their airport experience. It shows how travellers respond to the airport environment and the role of Airport advertising


  • 92% International status


  • 89% Cosmopolitan feel


  • 84% Modernity


  • ​83% Prestige
  •  86% of passengers think airports are a good place for brand trial & sampling


  • 78% of airport passengers enjoy shopping


  • 69% of passengers tend to make impulse purchases at the airport
For luxury brands, proximity between brand communication and shops is important: that’s what airports can offer Jean-Marc LacavePresident LVMH Watch & Jewellery

AER : airport ethnographic research

The Airport Ethnographic Research studies the mindset of travelers as they are going through their airport journey, what sort of relationship they develop with the airport and observes their different moods going through different airport processes and how this affects their ad awareness


  • 91% of passengers pay close attention to advertising


  • Passengers are more receptive to simple and highly visual advertisements


  • Passengers pay more attention to short and impactful advertisements


  • 88% of passengers pay close attention to advertising


  • Passengers are more receptive to complex and detailed advertisements


  • Passengers pay more attention to information in the advertisements.


  • 91% of passengers pay close attention to advertising


  • Domestic passengers are more receptive to detailed travel information whereas the international passengers are receptive to tourist information 


  • Passengers pay attention to highly visual and informative advertising

Meet Dubai passengers

In 2016, JCDecaux Dicon answered to the rising need to understand it’s airport audience at Dubai International by commissioning a study conducted by IPSOS. The research had an in depth analysis of the type of audience found at DXB, what their purchasing habits were and how they perceive advertising


  • 74% of  the passengers shop at Dubai Duty Free


  • 56% of passengers consider discount to be a major trigger factor for purchase decision


  • 52% of the passengers like to shop in Dubai Duty Free due to  exclusivity of the products


  • 88% of passengers agree that advertising in airport gives brands and international status


  • ​79% of passengers believe airport advertising is meant for prestigious and luxurious brands


  • 84% of passengers think airport advertising is meant for brand leaders


  • ​80% agree that airport is a good place for product trial and sampling

Global shopper connections

Global Shopper Connections takes us on the journey of the international traveler. The study reveals the decision-making processes, habits and motivations of shoppers; where and why they shop, what type of purchases they make and how shopping opportunities may influence their travel decisions

3 key habits that form the Global Shopper’s journey :


  • Shopping is the highlight of the trip


  • Shopping habits in the Airport still continue in the City and until their departure home


  • Connection points with Global Shoppers and their key destinations


Tailored studies

We commissioned IPSOS to conduct this campaign efficiency study. The aim was to evaluate the performance of the campaign in terms of recall, attractiveness, clarity and other key performance indicators.
The study conducted face to face interviews. The data collection was done between April–June 2016

For this study the sample was divided into two different target audiences :


  • IT decision makers : who own a job role in a dedicated IT department


  • Business decision makers : who influence the IT decisions in their company

"Temenos" artwork has the highest recognition, mostly coming from the airport exposure

  • 87% of respondents have seen the Microsoft’s cloud campaign around the airport


  • 79% of  respondents  prefer Microsoft as their cloud vendor


  • ​63% of  overall respondent were able to understand the Microsoft cloud campaign


In 2018, JCDecaux commissioned Future Thinking, a British research agency to conduct a study on the different audience types that can be found along the 15 km Jumeirah Road. The objectives were to understand demographics, lifestyle and purchasing habits on our 4 audiences clusters.

The A-List

  • 79% prefer to spend a bit more on technology to ensure they get the best quality brands


  • 80% like to have a car with the latest features

The Chic Athlete

  • 80% always on the lookout for the new season's fashion trends


  • 74% believe the right jewellery and accessories can turn a good outfit into a great one

The Modern Family

  • 85% wear fragrance/ cosmetics every day


  • 75% think it's important to have the best financial products/ services

Young Starters

  • 77% believe advertising has a strong impact on the amusement parks they go to


  • 75% believe advertising has a strong impact on the films/ TV shows they watch

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