Opening of Muscat’s new airport


On 20th of March 2018 the operations have started in the new Muscat International Airport.
With a total capacity of 20 million passengers, expandable up to 56 million when the demand will be required, the new Muscat International Airport is a key project for the country development.



Located on the same plot only few meters away from the historical facility, the new state of the art airport has 3 piers, 29 gates connected via jet bridges and 16 bus gates, 96 check in counters and 10 luggage conveyors and over 7,000 car parking spaces.
Muscat International Airport, the main gate to the Sultanate of Oman, generated 15.2 million passenger traffic in 2018 (+9% vs. previous year)
 becoming one of the fastest growing airport in the Middle East.

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Extraordinary passenger growth

Source: CiR Business Lounge | CAPA

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