DIGITAL SCREENS. A direct communication solution

Our digital screens are flexible and adaptable, offering targeted information which provides a communication solution that is responsive in real time and flexible. They can broadcast valuable messages in real time, such as weather data, traffic and transport status updates, events information and even emergency messaging. Digital screen-based communication can directly improve the public’s experience of their surroundings, through language-specific greetings, travel information, or displaying information on local events and activities, reflecting a positive image of the location, area or city they are in. Learn more about Dynamic Content Solutions (link to dynamic solutions). To date, 13 digital screens have been installed by ELAN Decaux offering an extensive visibility in 2 of the most frequented shoppings malls in Qatar (Villaggio Mall and City Center Mall) with an annual cumulative audience of more than 32 million visitors in 2016. 

DIGITAL PLATFORMS. Interactive smart service

Interactive digital platforms are equipped with screens that inform residents and visitors about their city. The open platform, which runs on an Android operating system, can support applications, mobile websites and RSS feeds. The possibilities are endless. The system has a customizable design, is simple to administer and is scalable and adjustable to different kinds of street furniture, ensuring the right message gets delivered in the right place. Users get access at their fingertips to a wide range of local information related to public transit, cultural and sport venues, shopping and more.

YOUR AUDIENCE. Inform, engage & communicate

Effective and environmentally responsible digital products are at the heart of JCDecaux, our digital screens are placed in busy areas, where they are visible daily to residents and visitors. Our technology makes serving the right information at the right time to the right people a reality, benefitting partners and advertisers alike.
8 screens in City Center Mall
5 screens in Villaggio Mall



It's all about exposure and frequency

Our Digital Networks consist of screens strategically located in the most frequented areas of the shopping malls, in order to make sure to deliver the brand message to the highest number of visitors and maximize brand recall through repetition and impact. We are reaching every year over 64 millions eyeballs with our Retail Digital Networks in Villaggio and City Center Malls.