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Zayed International Airport is positioning as one of the most relevant global hub for air traffic. Increasingly becoming a destination of choice for many tourists, Abu Dhabi has historically provided one of the main platforms for middle- and long-haul flights - uniting the two sides of the globe.

Global shoppers

Among the wealthiest cities in the Gulf, Abu Dhabi attracts local and global luxury shoppers with a vast and careful choice of haute couture exclusive store. Zayed International brings the lavish shopping experience of the city to its passengers, with boutiques and pop-up stores.

B2B passengers

Airports are among the best environments for brands seeking the attention of C-Suite, Tech Pioneers and Global Jet Setters. They are the highest spenders and one of the most influent audience clusters for B2B companies. Zayed International is one of the top traveling hubs for BDMs and a B2B advertising heaven.


Abu Dhabi Department of Tourism and Culture 2030 Vision aims at attracting 39.3 Million tourists yearly, with most of them entering through Zayed International Airport. Tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UAE and Abu Dhabi forecasts to welcome 27 million tourists in 2024. The terminal is an essential part of this strategy, built with a capacity of 45 million passengers a year and set to expand further.