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The desirable audience

Access an influent audience in the Middle East region and globally.
A leading transport hub not just in the region, but in the world.

3 Hours: 

the average time an international traveller spends at hubs worldwide, often setting time aside especially for airport shopping. 

From C-Suite Execs to Tech Pioneers and Global Jet Setters, the airport audience contains a high concentration of key business decision-makers and influencers prepared to spend extra at the airport.

Airport advertising is considered to be part of the travel experience. It provides an opportunity for brands to entertain and engage with their audience at the moment when they openly welcome brand messaging.

“If there were no ads, the airport would lose part of its creative edge."

A specific audience

GCC - UAE Nationals




Of the UAE Nationals pay attention to advertising while travelling


Of GCC travellers say advertising helps them know what products are available


Of the total passengers are tourists


Of AUH PAX declare handling management positions

The JCDecaux an audience expert

JCDecaux Airports Stories is an international research project exploring the perceptions, expectations and desires of the Global Traveller to provide detailed insight into their airport experience around the world.

Global Shopper Connections 2 takes us on the journey of the UAE traveller. The study reveals the decision-making processes, habits and motivations of high-value shoppers; where and why they shop, what type of purchases they make and their favourite destinations for shopping.