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The Deep Motion

The Deep Motion technology utilizes standard flat screens to generate a compelling illusion of depth, regardless of the viewer's position. This innovation allows for the creation of 3D advertisements that appear to project outwards from the display surface. Our strategically positioned Digital Arrivals network offers the ideal platform to showcase captivating 3D artworks. By incorporating repetitive exposure throughout the passenger journey, brands can leverage the technology's wow factor and ensure a truly memorable campaign.

Increased Brand Appeal

BRAND APPEALCreative artworks leave a lasting memory when in a trustworthy environment
APPROACH ONLINEcreativity breaks through the noise and increases engagement online
EMOTIONAL INTENSITY3D artworks on OOH media encourages longer interaction on social media

3D DOOH makes brands go viral

OOH can amplify social media campaigns in ways brands never thought possible.


Social media enables consumers to engage with brands directly, driving greater brand loyalty. Studies* found that OOH advertising increases social activations by four times compared to all other media types, bridging the gap between real and digital world.

OOH investments supercharges one's social media presence, but it doesn't stop there. It increases the communication with costumers and reinforces brand perception, brand loyalty and organic engagement.

*Study by Nielsen & OAAA study, Mar 2017