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Development of an exterior replica of an Echolac suitcase on the access road of Riyadh Airport. The suitcase is 10.4m (h) x 4.8m (w) x 3m (deep). It is made of fibre glass, each panel is integrated on top of a steel support structure. A color pigment twas added during the process of panel casting.

Insallation of neon lights + die-cuts to advertise STC's new phone application on the scaffold at Riyadh airport. At night, the text lights up providing high visibility. 

Development of a die-cut 1.56m (h) x 7m (w) to maximize on Saleh Al-Bazai's campaign. Installment of 2 LED lights simulating the headlights of the car.

Development and installation of an A-320 plane replica for Nesma Airlines at Hail Airport. The Model is 12.5m (l) x 11.3m (w) x 3.9m (h). The replica is made of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam.

Installation of a replica product sized at 9m (l) x 8m (w) for Luna. This replica includes concrete footing and a steel support structure to withstand varying weather conditions. LED spot lights were installed to remain environmentally conscious. 

Development of an exterior 3D structure for SEDA on the access road of Riyadh Airport. The object included a branded truck with green landscaping and spotlights.  

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