Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the federal capital city, concentrating most of the country’s resources and being the wealthiest Emirate, 57% of the UAE GDP is generated by Abu Dhabi.


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Abu Dhabi airports is one of the fastest growing airport platforms in the Middle-East, supporting the emirate’s strong economic prospects, and having consistently recorded exponential annual growth in passenger traffic in the past 5 years to reach over 30 million passengers by 2020.

JCDecaux Abu Dhabi

JCDecaux Abu Dhabi started operations in August 2013, following the award of the exclusive advertising concession in the Emirate’s 3 airports: Abu Dhabi and Al Ain International airports and Al Bateen Executive airport.

Abu Dhabi International Airport is the ideal location for innovative and interactive advertising campaigns that enhance the passengers experience and provide high visibility for advertisers and their brands. ADAC believes that with their expertise, their state of the art technology, strategic planning and knowledge of the Middle East market, JCDecaux is the perfect fit to provide a platform for innovative ideas. Mohammed Al BullokiChief Commercial Officer at ADAC

Our dedicated team

JCDecaux Abu Dhabi have a dedicated airport team across sales, marketing, development and operations, whose focus ensures access to the required skillsets and experience.
We provide unmatched quality of our services and ensure that your message will be showcased in high quality advertising structures and carefully monitored. Our technical and maintenance team makes sure that campaigns run smoothly everyday.
We are constantly helping advertisers produce campaigns that genuinely enhance the passenger experience. 


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