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A premium luxury terminal

The Awal Private Terminal is the only private jet airport in Bahrain and one of the most premium advertising locations in the country. Covering 4,000sqm, the airport combines a state-of-the-art facility with 5-star hospitality services.

Lavish and exclusive lounges

The Awal Private Terminal offers incomparable comfort and privacy to its passengers, who can choose one of the eight private lounges or two common lounges to wait for their boarding. In addition, passengers travelling for business purposes can use the elegant meeting room, availed by the terminal to make sure the travel needs fit their busy agenda for a seamless experience.

VIP shopping experience

The Awal Private Terminal has elevated the shopping experience up to VIP passengers' standards. In fact, a dedicated shopping assistant will attend shoppers in their items selection and take care of the purchase and delivery for them.

Sponsorship opportunities


Luxury jewelry brands have the unique opportunity of associating their brand to a highly relevant audience within a premium environment.


An unmissable opportunity for brands to showcase their best-sellers in an exclusive and luxurious environment. Brands can showcase their products to a wealthy and classy audience.


Lounges are the perfect environment to be noticed by an elite audeince. Brands can showcase their finest products through one of the most effective advertisement platforms.