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Innovative campaigns

Brands connected to the world

JCDecaux Abu Dhabi enables digital campaigns that drive a greater engagement with the audience and return on investment by delivering content that is contextually relevant for the brand, place, time, environment and consumer. From the latest sports updates to the live streaming of a fashion show or social media contest, dynamic digital campaigns offer stronger interaction, recall and brand perception.

Personalized contents

The strength of digital is the flexibility

It can be adapted to the audience’s needs and features. This format is especially adapted for an international environment like Zayed International Airport thanks to the capacity to switch from one language to another according to the flight schedule.



Digital platform

Wi-Fi is considered as the most important service in an airport and JCDecaux wants to provide the best for passengers with a smart platform accessible from all connected devices. We offer a unique Wi-Fi sponsorship with an efficient internet connection and allow passengers to easily subscribe to loyalty programs.