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ICONIC MEDIA.  Strike your audience with inescapable displays.

Our billboards are strategically located at iconic addresses in the city ensuring the best coverage of the most frequented areas and arterial roads of the city and turning our displays in city landmarks.
High-impact and eye-catchy, our large formats allow a strong brand recognition. Billboard is the 1st most recalled Outdoor Advertising format in Qatar.

CAPTIVE MEDIA.  Engage with your audience.

Billboard is an intrusive media that you cannot skip or switch off: in-your-face advertising at the heart of the city.
Our assets are a unique opportunity to be part of the customers’ daily life, engage with them and catch them in their daily routine.
Thanks to their strategic location, you will benefit from a long dwell time influencing the purchasing intention.

EFFECTIVE MEDIA. Target a specific area of the city.

Billboard is a target oriented media allowing you to target a specific area of the city or a population segment. Our Billboards will provide you with a maximum exposure and allow you to turn a location into your Brand flagship showcase 24/7.
It is a very cost-effective media.