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Corporate Strategy

A company with a clean vision

In 1964, Jean Claude Decaux invented a virtuous business model able to offer innovative services to the community while having advertisers pay for it. The result was an improved public spaces' liveability and sustainability for the municipal community without any burdens. This system has revolutionized the industry, fostered the advancement of cities and prompted the integration of net-zero strategy in a commitment to make out-of-home advertising green. 

In 2007, this commitment was reassessed with the implementation of a Sustainable Development Department within the corporate organization. A year later, a formalized engagement was published: the Sustainable Development Company Statement, signed by the Group’s co-CEOs, Jean-François Decaux and Jean-Charles Decaux. 


A pledge on three fronts

Sustainable development plays a central role in the company, reflecting the Group’s strong commitments in all functions, particularly in terms of product life-cycle and services offered to its partners, from the eco-design stage to the recycling of materials. The Group's commitment covers all three aspects of sustainable development:






Sustainable Development is more than an environmental necessity, it is a powerful lever for economic and social growth, opening up opportunities for new services that enhance the lives of people across the world. Jean-Charles Decaux and Jean-François Decaux, Co-CEOs of JCDecaux

An ethical business model

In 2022, the group launched the 2030 Sustainability Strategy to reduce the environmental impact of and became a partner of the UN Joint Sustainable Development Goals Fund extending its commitment with this new agreement, to support human rights and committing to a concrete policy of supporting major causes throughout the world.

A leader in sustainability

We have been the first OOH company in the world awarded with the RE100 certificate.

Moreover, our endeavors to reach net-zero emissions were recognized by major non-financial rating agencies like Carbon Disclosure Project, FTSE, MSCI, Ecovadis.

JCDecaux Bahrain

We use 100% renewable energy

At Bahrain International Airport, JCDecaux follows the highest ESG standards and has been striving to optimize the usage of digital and static asset, in order to provide a quality product with minimum waste.

A first step was to power all our digital screens with 100% renewable energy. Bahrain International is indeed one of the terminals in the world operating under high sustainability standards. To reinforce that, we also took action to reduce the electricity consumption necessary to light up our static assets by using low-consumption LED lighting in all our networks
Finally, we explored new possibilities for waste reduction by implementing a system that controls lighting. This system activates during low-traffic hours and allows a sound 25% energy savings without decreasing the campaign’s impact.