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Code of Ethics

Since 2001, the Group has set down the ethical principles and rules to be followed in the conduct of its business in a Code of Ethics, based on the three Fundamental Ethical Rules concerning the fight against corruption and influence peddling, prohibition of anti-competitive practices and the obligation of accuracy and transparency in accounting and financial matters.

This Charter, updated several times and translated into 19 languages, is widely distributed to all Group subsidiaries around the world.


A system for alerting to or reporting potential or realised Ethics risks (in violation of Code of Ethics) or Vigilance (in violation of International Charter of Fundamental Social Values) has been rolled out since 2018 across all Group subsidiaries.

Accessible through jcdecaux.com or the subsidiary’s website, every employee of the JCDecaux Group as well as every third-party is entitled to action this procedure, to alert either the line manager or the Secretariat of the Group Vigilance Committee directly. The whistleblower benefits from all legal safeguards and full confidentiality.