Emotional response delivers the message faster

Out-of-Home (OOH) is a proven channel for effective long-term brand building and brand fame, which makes it the perfect companion to a funny campaign.  When an audience looks at a funny ad, they process the information as entertainment. Humorous ads achieve an emotional response instead of a cognitive one, making funny ads support long-term brand building and brand loyalty. Plus, prompting an emotional reaction makes the message delivery more streamlined, which overcomes some initial hurdles in advertising, such as counter arguing.

Brands that stand out

An element of surprise is paramount to delivering a funny message. A funny brand message immediately stands out because it is unexpected, making it that much more memorable. Catching and retaining the attention of the audience brings higher levels of engagement, shareability and even the holy grail of advertising - “virality”. In the end, a funny, well-delivered message makes you notice and like the brand!

The brand that delivers the punchline

The effectiveness of a humorous campaign relies on its universal appeal. Brands have a choice of methods, from breaking taboos to surprising juxtapositions. However, the most effective campaigns make sure that the joke does not take away from the campaign message. In fact, a good ad should not be funny without the brand. The audience will not forget who the ad is for if the brand is fully integrated into the joke.

Active by nature

The OOH audience is active; they do not passively consume media as they would at home. When outdoors, they choose to engage and physically interact with their surroundings. OOH offers brands a prominent place in a consumer’s daily journey, making them unmissable. Moreover, as one cannot click “Close” on OOH, brands have the opportunity to communicate to a truly receptive audience.

It’s all about the format

Creative teams can take a humorous campaign up a notch by using the OOH formats to their full potential. Together with OOH’s strengths in brand building and establishing brand authority, the medium offers brands a physical presence in the daily lives of their consumers. In addition to witty copy or funny creative, an ad can stand out more when positioned in an unexpected way. The equivalent of using body language in stand-up, OOH can turn a message from amusing to unforgettable.

Sharing the joke

Finally, the broadcast capabilities of OOH allow the audience to share a positive experience – something that makes a funny joke infinitely better. Unlike other media often consumed in a more solitary setting, an OOH ad is shared simultaneously among a mass audience. Why tell a joke to one person at a time? OOH provides a ‘podium’ from where a brand can proclaim its message; it brings people together and encourages word-of-mouth.
Now, let’s take a not so serious look at some effective and funny OOH campaigns. We think these campaigns are precisely funny because they are unexpected, they customise OOH formats brilliantly to construct the joke and they would certainly be less funny without their brands behind them.

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